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HOTEL MANVIN’S  has been awarded as the most admired budget hotel in Panjim (2016). Why? Read what was said at the awards ceremony held on April 16th, 2016  at 5 star-  “Indeed Hotel Manvin's is the most admired budget hotel in Panjim, Goa”. Its beginnings were most humble with a handful of rooms in one corner of the biggest building at the Municipal Gardens and Church Square Panjim.

Today with 60 rooms, three conference / banquet areas and two restaurants, it is one of the biggest B class 2 Star Hotel in Panjim City. Rooms are distributed from the 4th to 7th floors, the remaining floors being commercial areas. What makes this Hotel unique and thus admired? It is located at the most central place of Panjim City. This capital city of Goa was built by the Portuguese on the banks of River Mandovi. The river is just a hop, step and jump from the hotel. It is most admired because, besides the good services, it offers unparalleled atmosphere to its guests.

The tranquil waters of the Mandovi, which is virtually below the rooms and the proximity to everything that one comes for to Goa is its forte.There are scores of hotels in Panjim city. But no hotel in B class can boast of the ambience and peace of mind that is offered by MANVIN'S in conjunction with the best of services.

Besides the tranquility offered by the azure waters, the unobstructed view of the greenery beyond is simply amazing. This mind -soothing view is free for you from every room of the hotel. At the rear side again is the green hill of Altinho. This offers another mind relaxing ambience, making  Manvin's the most admired hotel in Panjim. For the  man on the street it looks like any ordinary hotel. But once inside, you are simply overwhelmed. Again no other hotel in Manvins' class can boast of the  50 metre long, exceptionally-unique lounge on the 5th floor. Call it the Victoria Terminus or Old Trafford, it is one of a kind. 
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Thanks to the internet this hotel is known the world over. The World Wide Web also comes with certain drawbacks. While leading Indian Online Travel Agents have stated on their portals that Hotel Manvin's is among the top 10% of best selling hotels in Goa, It is observed that U.S. based Trip Advisor (TP) - the well-known Travel Portal is giving a free run to some frauds (could be agents of competitors) to defame  Manvin's. TP  has accepted that it has no mechanism to verify whether the review posted is from a genuine guest or an exercise by agents to defame hotels. Some such crooks derive vicarious pleasure in these exercises. If you look at the reviews posted on TP, you will not find a single 5 star hotel  in the country that  is not being defamed on TP and other portals. These 5 star hotels spend in crores to build their reputation, but some small fry goes on the net and with a few strokes on the key board defames such enterprises at will. This  idea of crooks and competitors is to put the reputation of leading hotels down and derive pleasure through defamation. 

When such reviews appear of Hotel Manvin's, they take them in their stride as they can do nothing about it as such reviewers hide behind the curtains of the net. “When impeccable 5 star hotels are being defamed, why should a budget hotel be afraid of these fake “terrible” reviews and that too when we know for a fact that we are the most desirable Hotel in Panjim?.” says Menlyn Vaz, Director of Manvin's Group. And inspite of the unending campaign by some to defame hotels through www net, Manvin’s are marching ahead. In three years this is their third award. What more could Manvin's ask for besides the reasonably good business that they do in the present adverse conditions ? 




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